Wall thermo insulating panel – hidden joining

 IsoPer A panel is recommended for industrial and commercial buildings designed for highly aesthetic purposes. In hidden joining walls, the endings of joining frames are hidden  and the horizontally fitted sections are provided with expansion joints.

  1. Pre-varnished zinc-plated sheet, pursuant to EN 10346 , EN 10143 si EN and  EN 10169-1.Standard, plisse, lis micro profiling.
  2. The core: PUR or PIR polyurethane foam (harmless and non-injurious ).
  3. Sealing pad: gives good thermo insulation and joint sealing.
  4. Collared drywall screw and EPDM pad.
  5. Padded cap

    Sizes and si mass-table loads.
    Tolerable loadings according to distance between „L” frames, in kg/sqm:
    K- coefficient of heat transfer

    K –coefficient of thermo transfer
    Standard panel length ranges between  2 and 13.5 m. Panels up to a  maximum 15m length or shorter than 2m can be manufactured only by previously consulting  the technical department.
    Size limits pursuant to EN 14509-2007: