The Project Sketch is the design theme that you have to explain to us regarding the way the building you are requesting us to design looks like.

This can be verbally explained or by means of an outline sketch, alongside with some details concerning the type of business, length and width of building, main and secondary entrances, positioning of metal structure openings.

After the receipt of this sketch or its drawing by our experts, we will proceed to the execution of the architectural project.

The architectural project represents the full set of documents necessary to the execution of your building, comprising both the approval and authorization technical documentations and those for its execution. The coordination of the paper will be performed by an architect who holds the position of project manager who will ensure the quality of the construction, the compliance with the laws in force, also with a concern to the thorough conformation to all sketches and explanatory reports in order to ensure the optimal performance of the investment’s  construction works.

The architectural project is drafted based o a project theme offered by you or developed together with our team where urbanism laws will be applied,  as well as endurance conditions , the laws regarding  the quality of the construction, but also your allotted budget.

Our company can provide you with an architect you can cooperate with, or in case you have an appointed person whom you want us to cooperate, we are more than open to any kind of cooperation. In order that a project be successful, it has to obey the most basic rule, that of communication. Provided your appointed architect expresses his availability to communicate with us, then all the problems will and can be solved, this ensuring your building’s highest standard of quality .

The technical resistance project is performed by our specialist engineers who are able to calculate the static strength of a structure in compliance with the laws in force of the area where the construction will be placed.

The technical resistance project obeys the norms in force applying to the area /place where the construction will be set up, minding the specific load of the building site, as well as the loads  requested  by the beneficiary regarding the construction.
The construction diagram is made of the construction  elements diagram and the  structural elements arrangement plan. The reading of the construction  elements diagram is performed based on the assembling directions.

The assembly of the structural elements is carried out by complying with plan 2D of the construction diagram received after the design is ready.