Metallic structures

Metallic structures represent the best and most efficient option for executing agricultural or industrial metallic constructions. Metallic constructions of any type and for any destination may be realized according to the result sought by the client, made from the material best matching his needs.

Industrial metallic buildings

Industrial metallic buildings are safe, durable and elegant constructions with a multifunctional use, having a metal structural frame, metallic accessories and enclosures (roof and lateral enclosures) made of thermo-insulating metal panels, depending on the destination. The result is an esthetic, large, generous, weather-protected space, with a plus of flexibility.

Agricultural metallic buildings

Agricultural metallic buildings are the best choice for all the farmers as they are designed for meeting specific needs in this field in continuous development. These durable constructions offer the possibility to have a well-illuminated space which is so necessary. This type of constructions offer a very good protection against bad weather and can be equipped with large access doors or with an open lateral wall. All these come with an affordable price.