Veka Softline 70 MD

Our products offer an extremely reduced thermal transfer thanks to the technique with more chambers of profile, creating a pleasant and warm atmosphere. It also offers you safety because our windows are equipped with anti-burglary handles and hardware and for special needs anti-burglary glass.

Our range of products presents a diversity of profiles for frame and folding wings extremely varied configured accessories and offers you freedom of creation in your own style: white or colored with characteristic details such as ornaments, special forms such as round windows, rectangular constructions, pavilion.

Description of product:

  • profile system with 70mmm basic installation depth – featuring center seal
  • average thermal transfer coefficient Uw = 0.73W/mp*K when using triple glazing with Ug =0.4W/mp*K
  • the 3-level seal gives you the ideal insulation value and helps reduce heating costs and external noise
  • thickness of PVC walls 3 mm, exclusive superior class A
  • long life, reinforced with zinc-plated steel of 1.5mm and 2mm
  • available with double or triple glazing (24mm, 32mm, 40mm)
  • awide range of Renolit colors