Lift Sliding System is the ideal solution for making large glass surfaces that allow a high degree of brightness. Slide by lifting technology ensures high stability and easy Function.

Slip HST – is a modern design solution for achieving large glass surfaces that allow a high degree of penetration of light. Technology “lift and slide” provides stability and ease of operation. The doors are mounted on two sliding rails that allow a clear opening overflow against each other. Door width up to 2.5 m and 2.3 m passage. This construction can be used for the glass surface, to 11,5m2.

With PVC lift and slide system Veka Slide, BBI Construct bay window offers a high quality. This is certainly a major change compared to traditional systems. Indeed, the design and manufacture of Veka Slide can allow large widths, it is possible to imagine various combinations as needed.



  • 5 chamber lift and slide door system with a profile depth of 70 mm.
  • Class A profile.
  • Classic design with elegant and slightly rounded edges.
  • Excellent acoustic and thermal performance.
  • Perimeter zinc coated aluminium reinforcement of minimum 2 mm that gives the door long term stability and functionality.
  • Two sealing levels with EPDM gaskets.
  • Efficient openings can be done with surfaces up to 17,55 m2(L max. = 6,5 ml şi H max. = 2,7 ml).
  • Threshold made of a mix of aluminium and PVC for better thermal insulation. The threshold configuration allows the installation within the concrete coping.


  • Double or triple glassing, 24 or 36 mm.


  • Lift and slide system – Sigenia.
  • Special closing on the gasket that ensures am excellent watertight closing in the threshold area.
  • 3 point closing.
  • Mobile handle on the inside and embedded handle on the outside as the standard option
  • Optional mobile handle on the inside – outside with key locking